A healthier and happier workforce translates into increased productivity, boosted morale, and lowered costs for your business. Our integrative wellness and disease management programs help you reduce long term costs while providing additional value for your employees. Crescent’s health management service is designed to complement your network and benefits, improve the health of your employees, and support wellness in the workplace.

Why Your Company Needs a Health & Wellness Program

As an employer with a self-funded health insurance plan, you know that healthy and productive employees are critical to your bottom line. Rising healthcare costs, absenteeism, and lower productivity are hurting your bottom line and affecting your company culture. Crescent’s Health Management Program helps you deliver proactive and high quality health care at a lower cost.

Why Choose the Crescent Health Management Program?

  • Improve the overall health of your workforce
  • Motivate employees to pursue and maintain healthy lifestyles
  • Foster a culture of wellness in your business
  • Reduce your cost of providing benefits

Crescent combines the services of a health management team to ensure that medically necessary care is delivered in a cost effective manner. Your employees get the services they need… and nothing they don’t. This translates into better health for them and cost savings for you. Our program utilizes data analysis, combines early intervention and appropriate treatment options for maintaining wellness into a comprehensive health plan that gives your employees control over their health and you control over your costs.

How our health management service works

Crescent’s Health and Disease Management Service helps employers identify areas of focus regarding potential health issues that are driving a company’s claims costs, promote productivity through a healthier work force, and make decisions to allocate their resources that not only will help keep costs and turnover low, but will also be in the best interest of their employees.

Crescent’s comprehensive Health Management starts with the integration and analysis of all the current and historical data available from medical claims, prescription pharmaceutical usage, and health risk assessments. Crescent uses powerful, analytical, and predictive modeling software that allows our Medical Director, and health management staff to identify opportunities for the employer’s entire population.

The Crescent Health Management Program incorporates a collaborative effort involving the employer, employee, physicians, and hospitals to identify opportunities for disease prevention and early intervention through educational and wellness programs. Crescent weaves data analysis, prevention, early intervention, appropriate treatment and ongoing incentives for maintaining wellness into a comprehensive Health Management Program that gives employers control over their costs and employees more opportunities for improved health and care for themselves and their families.

Disease Management, Demand Management, and Large Case Management

Disease Management, Demand Management, and Large Case Management allow for identification of opportunities for immediate savings. Disease Management (DM) and Large Case Management (LCM) are designed to reduce and control costs after the employee is in the care of a physician. While DM and LCM are common services, Demand Management is more complex than just precertification of procedures, surgeries, and pharmaceuticals defined in your health plan. Crescent’s Population Management attempts to identify at-risk individuals before they exhibit advanced symptoms that require extensive physician care or even hospital admission. Crescent’s ongoing review of cases also identifies opportunities to help employees navigate the health delivery system and receive the most effective and efficient care available.