Our Mission


Crescent is committed to adding value through:

     * Facilitating long-term relationships among providers, employers and

        employees that foster health management collaboration

     * Offering customer-driven programs through integrated administrative,

        health management and data analytic services to:

                   * Promote healthy lifestyles

                   * Manage chronic disease

                   * Ensure access to quality healthcare 

                   * Manage healthcare costs


                                               Our Values


We will always:

  * Conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity

  * Encourage open, collaborative relationships

  * Work diligently to exceed client's expectations

  * Remain sympathetic to client's needs and concerns

  * Protect the privacy of all business and personal matters

  * Treat clients, stakeholders, and each other with dignity and respect


                                               Our Vision


Crescent's vision is to improve the health and care of those we serve.